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Sunbeds & Booths

Glo sets the highest standards for tanning sunbeds and booths. We offer it all, from entry level tanning beds, to our luxury high-performance beds and booths.

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Get your base tan around 6 times faster in only 4 to 7 visits with the best in luxury sunbed technology. Get the Glo Luxury package to gain access to every bed and give you the best tan possible!

Check out our variety of luxury beds below to see how you can get your perfect tan at Glo!

Happy woman getting her skin tanned at solarium.

Vitality Total Light

The Vitality TLT is one of the most advanced tanning beds in the world to offer Red Light, Blue Light, and UV light together. 10-minute tanning time, a fully customizable session, and the most advanced light technologies available today.


A sunbed.
Sunbed kbl 8000.

KBL 8000

Similar to the features in the Prestige, we have the KBL 8000. Both are 10 minute sessions and we like to recommend the two beds to our quick tanners who need to be in and out. This bed may be fast but it’s still going to deliver that beautiful bronzed Glo.


Open Sun 1050

The Open Sun 1050, our bronzing sunbed, is used as a “finishing bed” to darken and intensify your existing color, resulting in a deep bronze Glo up to 6 shades darker in a single session.


Sunbed booths open sun 1050 bed.
Sunbed booth prestige tanning bed.

Prestige 1600

The Ergoline Prestige 1600 is a customer favorite as it redefines luxury and takes tanning to new heights. On the inside, the Intelligent Performance Technology ensures quicker and deeper tanning results for the most even and dark all-over tan in only 10 quick minutes.


Sun Angel

The Sun Angel is a sensor controlled, high-end tanning unit. Prior to your session, our Spa Consultants will use the sensors to scan your skin. The unit will automatically adjust the lamp output to make sure you get the best tan without any overexposure. You can choose between styling and essential sunshine. We recommend rotational utilization of all the beds in the Luxury package to maximize your tanning results.


Sunbed sun angel bed.
Sunbed booths sunrise 7200 hybrid machine.

Sunrise 7200 Hybrid

This luxury standup combines red light therapy with your tanning session to deliver beautiful skincare and tanning results. The Hybrid focuses on building a natural looking and longer lasting tan. Experience this new hybrid bed in just a 9 minute session.



The Ergoline Sunrise’s tremendous tanning power makes it the envy of all other stand-up units. Generously equipped with 48 x 200-watt Turbo Power UV lamps that are 2 meters tall, it features a quick maximum exposure schedule and ensures total body coverage for your tallest tanners. For music enjoyment, a 3D sound system with MP3 player connection and SD card slot comes standard. This allows clients to listen to their own mix of music through this incredible acoustic system.


Sunrise Booth for tanning.

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