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The Glo


Glo Tanning offers an unparalleled experience that can’t be found anywhere else. The breath-taking salon and mind blowing equipment is revolutionizing the industry to give you an all in one pampering experience that will leave you in a state of bliss.

Why Glo?

Unparalleled Experience

We offer a luxurious experience from the moment you walk into the door offering you divine pampering from the first ever “Sun Spa”.

Woman with braid sitting inside a spa booth.
Glo tanning booth picture inside a phone.

A Tanning Tech Company

Luxurious, Unrivaled, and Tech Driven. Every glo Tanning salon is backed by our ever improving and industry leading technology that allows for unprecedented service and a more data driven business for our franchisees.


Known for what we call our “Perfect Tan in One Day™”, we have developed a system to increase revenue while streamlining the services to eliminate overcrowding in our salons that we are consistently improving as we are never satisfied with “pretty good”.

What Our Franchisees Are Saying

Our Story

In 2010, Onyi Odunukwe launched the inaugural Glo Tanning salon in Arkansas, expanding the brand to seven locations before deciding to retain ownership of two.

Recognizing the potential for innovation within the industry, Onyi joined forces with fellow multi-unit tanning salon owners Paul Rudnicki and Ambria Hatcher in 2020.

Their collective vision was to revolutionize the tanning salon business by creating a system that simplifies ownership and operations across any number of locations, addressing a critical need for an enhanced experience for owners, employees, and clients alike.

This collaboration led to the development of a seamless operational system over the following years, making Glo Tanning an attractive proposition for both seasoned salon owners looking for growth and new entrepreneurs eager to enter the industry.

Since then, their efforts have catapulted the brand to over 80 locations in less than four years, showcasing the efficacy and appeal of their innovative approach within the tanning industry.

Onyi Odunukwe with his family.

Leadership Team

Onyi Odunukwe smiling.

Onyi Odunukwe CEO

Onyi Odunukwe is a renowned entrepreneur and business leader who founded Glo Tanning in 2009, with the first location opening in February 2010 in Fayetteville...

Ambria Hatcher smiling.

Ambria Hatcher CVO

Ambria, a seasoned professional with over 25 years in the tanning industry, has a rich background spanning various roles. In addition to owning and operating three successful...

Paul Rudnicki smiling.

Paul Rudnicki CFO

For over 20 years, Paul Rudnicki has been a noteworthy leader in the tanning spa industry. Paul is an experienced tanning spa owner and CFO who is driven by growth...

How It Works

Glo makes franchising easy! The following steps outline the franchise process and how YOU can become part of the Glo Gang today!

Requirements: This isn’t a side hustle or a passive investment opportunity. We’re looking for operators who can learn the business and scale their business into their own mini corporation. If you aren’t prepared to lead and develop a team that you could call family, then this may not be the right opportunity for you.



Intro to Glo

First interview with Franchise Support.




Second interview with Franchise Director.



Discovery Process

Once a month, we have a discovery call with heads of each department describing how they would support a franchisee and assist them in their goal of a successful salon.



Franchise Agreement Signature

The Applicant is required to observe a 14-day waiting period after signing the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). Following this period, the applicant will sign the franchise agreement and submit the Initial Franchise Fee to officially become a Glo franchisee!



Onboarding Process

The franchisee will then embark on the onboarding journey, collaborating closely with Glo's marketing, operations, and IT departments. This stage involves setting up accounts with approved vendors, receiving Glo's Brand Guidelines and Lookbook, and accessing the comprehensive Franchisee Checklist. Throughout this period, the franchisee will be meticulously guided through each step to ensure a thorough and seamless integration into the Glo franchise system.



Site Selection and Construction

The Franchisee will initiate the search for potential salon locations within their designated territory, guided by the site selection criteria provided by Glo's team. Upon identifying suitable sites, these must receive Glo's approval before proceeding with lease negotiations. Once a location is approved and the lease is finalized, the franchisee will solicit construction bids. The construction process will commence with an approved contractor, adhering to Glo's specified requirements.



Grand Opening

Ensure everything is setup such as social media pages, beds installed, marketing has been completed 30 days out and they have also done in person marketing. Do a test of all equipment a week prior to opening and ensure all software is good to go. Staff is doing dry runs and helping setup everything in store before the big day. Big day, we have a big launch on social media (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok) and Google. We make it required that they have a photographer there for pictures.

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Onyi Odunukwe


Onyi Odunukwe is a renowned entrepreneur and business leader who founded Glo Tanning in 2009, with the first location opening in February 2010 in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Under his leadership, the company expanded to seven locations and merged with Paul in 2018, relocating its corporate headquarters to Oklahoma City. Onyi initiated Glo Tanning’s franchising program in 2019, spurring rapid growth across the country.

Born in Boston to Nigerian parents, Onyi attended the University of Arkansas, where he developed his passion for entrepreneurship. Beyond his professional accomplishments, he values spending time with his daughter and partner, Sandra, and enjoys traveling to explore new cultures. Onyi’s journey exemplifies his unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in the tanning industry.

Ambria Hatcher


Ambria, a seasoned professional with over 25 years in the tanning industry, has a rich background spanning various roles. In addition to owning and operating three successful salons, she developed Glo’s renowned “Perfect Tan in One Day” service. Her innovative spirit and deep understanding of client needs are further enhanced by her skills as a certified life coach and a business consultant, where she has notably helped salons double their revenue within a year.

Her journey through multiple tanning franchises culminated in her pivotal role at Glo. As the Chief Visionary Officer, Ambria is at the forefront of promoting efficient and automated salon operations, balancing innovation with a healthy work-life dynamic.

Residing in Sarasota, Florida, Ambria enjoys the serenity of her five-acre property, spending quality time with her Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, mirroring the balance she values in her professional life.

Paul Rudnicki


For over 20 years, Paul Rudnicki has been a noteworthy leader in the tanning spa industry. Paul is an experienced tanning spa owner and CFO who is driven by growth, expansion and being innovative. He takes pride in being the industry pioneer and providing exceptional overall sun spa service, especially in customer service. As a CFO, Paul’s goals include financial planning, proposing strategic directions, finding commercial properties to put Glo stores in, and offering franchising opportunities.

His passion for the industry can be traced back to his pre-professional days when he took a job at Sandy Beaches Tanning Salon, white attending University of Oklahoma. In 2003 Paul purchased the salon when it was about to close its doors. Over the years, he has grown the business and expanded into eight locations in the Metro Oklahoma area. In 2019 Paul merged with Onyi Odunukwe of Glo Tanning. Paul and Onyi currently own corporate locations in Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Texas.

In his free time Paul enjoys spending time with his family, golfing, and doing really anything fitness related. He, and his wife Diana and son Elliott, reside in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Salon Development

Whether it’s helping select the best site or building out your salon our Senior Management team will be there every step of the way. We will provide guidance on your salon layout & design as well as strategies to maximize your footprint and construction effort.


Our initial new hire training is a highly effective combination of hands-on practice and virtual product and sales training. Creating a positive experience for our new salon employees is a critical aspect of our success.

Our continuing education leadership development training is world class and will help prepare your salon leaders and multi-unit leaders to drive superior client service, to build strong teams and to generate sales growth.

We are developing a comprehensive Glo University which will be a one stop shop for all your operational questions and needs. A University’s worth of information at your fingertips!

Operational Support

At Glo we provide continual guidance and support on a range of topics critical to your business. Our salon experts will provide you with best practices and proven business strategies to help you succeed.

Our Guest Services department will handle the majority of any client issues, freeing you up to take care of client hospitality and to build sales in your salon.

Our Senior Management Team have all been salon owners so they know what it takes to succeed and they will lead the organization based on what is best for the Franchisee community.


At Glo, our Brand Marketing team will assist you in all your marketing efforts, from Grand Openings to Social Media to Event Planning. Our experiential-driven marketing style delivers the community buzz that drives traffic through your doors.

Our upscale environment and superior client service sets the pace for the industry and delivers client satisfaction. A happy client is the greatest of marketing tools, and we aim to please!

Information Technology

At Glo Tanning, our Technology Department is a synergistic blend of tech support specialists and software developers, dedicated to empowering our franchisees with technological support and innovative, custom software solutions. This cohesive team focuses on both the development of technologies tailored specifically for the unique demands of Glo Tanning salons and the provision of responsive, comprehensive tech support. Their collaborative efforts ensure that our franchisees are equipped with the tools they need to optimize operations, elevate the customer experience, and maintain Glo Tanning’s leading edge in the tanning salon industry.


One of the crucial elements of establishing a thriving business is understanding the financing mechanisms available to you. There are numerous funding options and lenders in the market, necessitating a thorough evaluation to determine the most suitable path for your enterprise.

In recent times, Glo Tanning has developed significant alliances with several financing institutions. These collaborations offer both SBA and non-SBA loan opportunities to our franchise affiliates.