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Pro Tips for Getting an Even Tan in a Sunbed

If you ever stepped out of a sunbed and caught a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, only to see a patchy tan staring back at us, you must learn these tips. The time has come to say goodbye to those pesky uneven lines and blotches of darker or lighter skin. Let’s get started. 

Preparation Steps to Ensure an Even Tan

The road to an even tan starts before you lay down in a sunbed. To prepare your skin for the best results, make sure to:

  1. Shave or Wax: Hair can obstruct UV rays from reaching your skin and result in uneven tan. It is best to shave or wax (whatever you prefer) at least a day before your tanning session. But remember, don’t do it immediately before the session as it can leave your skin sensitive.
  2. Exfoliate: This step is essential because exfoliation removes dead skin cells, which not only can block UV rays but also cause your tan to appear patchy as it sheds. Always look for exfoliators that are based on a non-abrasive formula and give your skin a thorough exfoliation a day before your tanning session.
  3. Moisturize: Hydrating your skin is crucial for an even tan because dry skin can reflect UV rays, leading to uneven coloration. So, after your exfoliation session, make sure to slather on a good moisturizer. Pro tip: In addition to your regular moisturizer, consider using a tanning lotion containing the ingredient tyrosine. It takes up to 7 minutes to produce melanin in the skin naturally, but tanning lotions with tyrosine can jump-start the tanning process in just 45 seconds, enhancing your tan’s effectiveness and uniformity.
  4. Choose your outfit: What you wear during your tanning session can impact the evenness of your tan. Ideally, you should wear as little as possible to minimize tan lines. 
  5. Avoid makeup and perfume: These products can act as a barrier to UV rays, causing uneven tanning. So, go makeup-free and perfume-free during your tanning session. It’s also important to protect your face while building color. Use a specially formulated facial lotion designed for tanning. This type of lotion will protect your skin and help develop an even facial tan.

Lay-Down or Stand-Up Beds?

Lay-down beds are the traditional tanning beds you’re probably most familiar with. They’re comfortable and easy to use, but they may come with a few drawbacks. Because of the pressure points where your body touches the bed, like your shoulders and buttocks, it is necessary to adjust the poses frequently in order to receive even UV exposure.

Stand-up beds are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. Stand-up beds allow your body to tan all around without any pressure points, leading to a more even tan. Some people like them even better because the body isn’t in direct contact with the bed.

To achieve the best and most even tan, it’s crucial to rotate between using lay-down and stand-up beds. This rotation leverages the strengths of both types of beds, minimizing the drawbacks of each. By alternating your sessions between these two types of beds, you can enjoy a consistently even and beautiful tan.

Regardless of which type of bed you choose, protecting your eyes is crucial. So always wear protective eyewear during each session. This will safeguard your eyes from potential damage while allowing you to achieve your desired tan safely.

Best Positions to Get an Even Tan

Now that you’ve prepped your skin and picked your sunbed, it’s time to talk about positions. Yes, how you position yourself in the sunbed can make a big difference in achieving that even tan. Here are some tips for getting it right in a lay-down sunbed:

  1. Start Flat: Begin your session lying flat on your back. This position exposes the largest surface area of your body to UV rays.
  2. Leg Lift: After some time, lift your legs slightly. This helps to tan the underside of your legs and prevents them from touching each other, ensuring an even tan.
  3. Arm Positions: Start with your arms at your sides, but lift them above your head midway through your session to expose the underarms and sides of your body.

Can Showering Affect Your Sunbed Tan?

Showering before your tanning session is a good idea. However, avoid using any oil-based products as they can form a barrier that prevents UV rays from penetrating your skin evenly.

After your tanning session, your skin continues to produce melanin (the pigment responsible for your tan) for a few hours. If you shower immediately after tanning, you might wash off the tanning accelerator lotion and stop this process, leading to a less intense tan.

So, what’s the best practice? Wait for at least 4 hours after your tanning session before you hit the shower. This gives your skin ample time to maximize melanin production and lock in that gorgeous glow. When you shower, avoid using harsh soaps or scrubbing your skin, and don’t forget to moisturize afterward to keep your skin hydrated and your tan lasting longer. 

Final Thoughts

Now you have a one-stop guide to getting that perfect, even tan in a sunbed. It’s not just about hopping into bed and hoping for the best. It takes careful preparation, the right bed and positions, and smart aftercare to achieve that coveted sun-kissed glow.

Remember, tanning is a process, not a one-time event. So, take your time, build your tan gradually, and always prioritize your skin’s health.